Bienvenida Presidente

Jose Manuel Vilariño Anca President of the APFSC

In 2016 and early 2017, our port achieved two objectives pursued for over ten years, receiving a definitive boost in 2015, marking a milestone in its history: the start of works on the railway access to the Exterior Port, awarded on 15th February 2017 and the green light for operations at the container terminal, with the successful stop-over of the “Enforcer” on 6th April 2017.

Last year, and after presenting detailed economic-financial feasibility studies, our entity became the first port authority in Spain to secure a loan from the financial fund for terrestrial accessibility for the port system, enabling it to start bidding for the railway works.

The impact of these two projects on the diversification of Port Authority traffic in terms of higher added value cargo will make it possible to boost the generation of wealth and employment in our region, by converting one of the most competitive port facilities on the European Atlantic coast into an intermodal node for the access and dispatch of the international cargo trade that occurs in 80% of the ports.

The rail link to the Exterior Port will improve territorial cohesion by a means of transport that is more efficient in economic, environmental and safety terms.

The construction of a port outside the ria, with 1,500 m of dock and a depth of 20 m, increased our port capacity from 8.8 million to 12.5 million tonnes in 2016. With the Exterior Port`s rail connection, in the long term, this is expected to increase to 20 million tonnes.

In 2016, we also completed the improvement of the fishing installations by launching the fish market and the new pontoons, involving us working closely with the Regional Government of Galicia and the Fishermen’s Association.

We have reinforced our actions in the field of information technology, with the incorporation of two IT and telecommunications engineers to our staff, which will result in a more agile service to our customers, and above all in an improvement in the security of operations, with a greater integration of information with other administrations and operators.

The Port Authority Presidency and Management take this opportunity to acknowledge both the professionalism and dedication of our people, as well as the collaboration of the port community and the local, regional and state administration in achieving these goals that are so important for our region.

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