Interpretive Center Cape Prioriño

The Interpretation Centre is included in the Port Authority’s projects that promote the relationship between the port and the people, setting out to draw the visitor closer to a vital part of Ferrol’s history: the origin and evolution of its defensive batteries and the construction and integration, in this same environment, of a work of great magnitude such as the outer port.

The Interpretative Center consists of the following one:

  • The Interpretation Building, housing a permanent exhibition on the evolution of the environment, the defensive batteries and the expansion of the port of Ferrol.
  • The Punta Viñas Battery, created in 1739, stands out for its historical and symbolic value. The port has fully recovered the old fort existing in the are, which had been dismantled in 1994. It was relocated, piece by piece, to its current site. Now, with its original structure, it is possible to contemplate a building that housed a small barracks, the gunpowder magazine and the quarters known as Red Bullet, where the bullets were heated before being fired.
  • The Prioriño Chico Battery, a fortification of great historical value dating back to the 18th century, recently rehabilitated and showcased.
  • An ornithological observatory, as an observation point for sea and migratory birds, from where you can enjoy some majestic views.
  • The Prioriño lighthouse, which gives the finishing touch to the beauty of this environment.