Board of directors

The Board of Directors of the Port Authority of Ferrol – San Cibrao, is made up of representatives of the administrations and economic sectors related to port activity, in accordance with the provisions of the consolidated text of the Act on State Ports and the Merchant Navy, approved by the Royal Legislative Decree 2/2011, of 5th September.

  • Francisco Barea Paz
  • Jorge Cao Ruiz. Maritime Captain of Ferrol.
  • Dª.Adela Álvarez Caramés. Legal adviser of the State Counsel.
  • D. Ignacio Frutos Ruiz. Admiral-in-Chief of the arsenal.
  • D. Gonzalo Gómez Barquín.PP.EE.
  • D.Alberto Vázquez Santiago.
  • Dª. Martina Aneiros Barros.
  • D.Javier Arias Fouz.
  • D. Alfonso Villares Bermúdez.
  • D. Javier Pastor Díaz Mosquera. Town hall of ferrol.
  • Dª. María Dolores García Caramés. Town hall of Cervo.
  • D.Patricio Erhardt Barrenechea. Representative of business organizations.
  • D. Gustavo Adolfo Chacartegui Pérez-Castrillón. Representantive in the port sector.
  • D.Francisco José Pena Varela. Representative of labor union C.C.O.O.
  • D. Jesús Casás López. Director of the Port authority.