Ortegal Headland

This lighthouse is located on the headland bearing the same name. The project was approved by Ministerial Decree, on October 9th, 1982 and was completed in March, 1984. This is a cylindrical standard type tower constructed of reinforced, built
in reinforced concrete, 3 m of diameter and 12.70 m high, white with a red stripe, with two balconies measuring 4.70 m in diameter and 2.25 m diameter flashlight. The first installation was electric with auxiliary gas equipment and was composed
of a system of two optical dioptric superposed of 500 mm that carry in focus a lamp of incandescence each one. In the event of power failure, there was a multi-nozzle flasher in the interior, which was automatically entered into service. It
also had two gensets as a reserve, housed in a rectangular outer cabin.

Cabo Ortegal 1
Cabo Ortegal 2

Since 1993, the lighthouse underwent a profound reform after being adopted by the Port Authority of Ferrol-San Cibrao. Firstly, the outer hut disappeared, which made the surrounding area ugly, and likewise the generators were removed. Then all
the lighthouse equipment was reformed, keeping only the two optics and removing acetylene gas. A system of halogen lamps and batteries was fitted which, in the event of a power failure, fed the reserve lamp. The lighthouse was monitored by
computer from the control centre located in the port of Ferrol. In 2009, Cyclone Klaus destroyed the electric airline supplying power to the lighthouse so, in 2010, the decision was taken to install light equipment with low consumption LED
technology, 18w, which allows for the use of solar energy. The optics were also replaced by a rotating system formed by two optics of superimposed Fresnel panels.