Punta Frouxeira

Punta de Frouxeira 1
Punta de Frouxeira 2

This lighthouse is located on the headland going by the same name. Built in 1992, with an avant-garde design totally different from the traditional ones. This lighthouse began operating, running trials, in June 1984, and finally, in November of the same year.

It has rotating 7-panel optics, 5 of them in methacrylate Fresnel lenses to give the flashes and 2 are blind to give a long blind period, mounted on a disc powered by two electromagnetic motors. Inside is a “V” changer with 220v/1000w halogen lamps. It is fitted with two reserve generators as reserves in the event of power failure. It is fully monitored and controlled by computer from the control centre in the Port Authority of Ferrol-San Cibrao. In 2007, it was thoroughly overhauled, involving removal of the glazed front, leaving the lighthouse as it can be seen today.

In 2012, it became the first powerful lighthouse in Spain, with a range equal to or greater than 20 nautical miles, to operate with a LED lamp. This was a pioneering project that did away with the use of generators when changing the lamp from 1,000W to only 60W. This change made it possible to install a 12v 600 A-H battery as a reserve power supply, as well as making a considerable contribution to the environment by saving on consumption and the zero emission of combustion gases from the generators.