Prior Head

The lighthouse was first operational, served by two keepers, on March 1st, 1853, with a fixed white light visible 15 nautical miles away, produced by a small 3rd order apparatus and a mechanical lamp.

On February 1st, 1912, it was established that the fixed light should be changed by a flashing light. To this end, on April 23rd, 1923 a new installation to replace the old one began to operate. This was brought from the lighthouse in Salou, to give the appearance of 1 + 2 white flashes every 20 seconds. These works were executed and were launched on July 18th, 1926.

Cabo Prior 1

On October 26th, 1974 the lighthouse was electrified, modernizing the signal with a new cylindrical flashing light 2.25 m in diameter, with 250 mm catadioptric optics, a base with tank, a mercury float and rotating machine. An incandescent 1500 W lamp and two gensets were also fitted. Four years later, on July 31st, an electromagnetic vibrator siren came into operation, equipped to emit the letter “P” in Morse code, repeated every 25 seconds, with an audible sound 7 miles away.

The building was composed of two differentiated parts joined by a central courtyard. Altogether, they formed a 16×10 m rectangle. The octagonal-shaped tower stands today in its original location at the back of the courtyard. The light bulb rises 7 m from the ground and 107 m over the sea. The cost of the building amounted to 137,696 reales and, over the years, was subject to substantial alterations. The completion of a project from 1916, which was completed with another in 1922, meant the elimination of the patio, covering and illuminating the space with glass to expand the useful area. Two semi-detached pavilions were also built as living quarters that were overhung the main front and turning back over the front to give it the current “U” shape.

Cabo Prior 2

In 1993, with the founding of the port authorities, the lighthouse was added to the Port Authority of Ferrol-San Cibrao and keepers were no longer required as it was monitored from the port. The siren was removed. In 1995, the lighting equipment was renewed, keeping only the optics. Two electromagnetic rotation motors were fitted, removing the float and the mercury bucket, a “V” changer with 125V/1000 W halogen lamps and two generators. The lighthouse was also fully monitored by computer from the control centre located in the Port Authority of Ferrol-San Cibrao.

In 2002, the old lamps were replaced by 220v/1000w halogens lamps. In 2007, improvement and rehabilitation works on the building were carried out.

In 2016, the optics were replaced, the old ones now on display in the Exponav Museum, being replaced by a new luminous unit comprising a 150w LED lamp, acrylic panel optics and a 12v 720 A-H battery.