Pancha Island

This lighthouse is located on the island of the same name, located on the western bank of the Ria of Ribade, bordering it on the northwest side.

Following tendering of the works on May 31st, 1857 with a budget of 47,513.86 reales, work commenced on a square building covering a surface area of 127.68 m2, in whose centre a square tower was to be erected, measuring 3.5 x 3.5 m with a height of 6.75 m, topped by a cornice. On top, a wrought iron balcony was fitted with an octagonal tower, which supported the hexagonal lantern with flat glass reflectors raising the luminous focus to 8.8 m above the ground and 24 above the sea. A Royal Order dated 29th November, 1860, arranged it to be turned on for 30th of the following month with a fixed red light and a range of 9 miles.

Faro isla pancha 1

In 1980, a new, more powerful lighthouse was built in the vicinity. This is erected on a standard type cylindrical concrete tower, 3 m in diameter and 12.70 in height, painted white with two black stripes. This lighthouse is equipped with 3 + 1 flashes and a nominal range of 21 nautical miles. It eventually entered into service on October 1st, 1983, with the spotlight located at a height of 13 m over the ground and 28 m over the sea.

The building of the original lighthouse was conditioned to house, two emergency generators in an annex and living quarters for the technician looking after it. These works involved removing the original wooden and iron bridge that used to link the island with land, building another bridge in reinforced concrete. The island is connected to Ribadeo by this bridge and a 2 km road that borders the ria leading into the village.

Faro isla pancha 2

With the adoption of the lighthouse in 1993 by the Port Authority of Ferrol-San Cibrao, a backup power system was installed consisting of batteries to supply DC output in the event of power failure. The lighthouse was also fully monitored by the Control Centre in the port of Ferrol.

In 2002, an important action took place on the island that included the improvement of the area surrounding the old lighthouse, its rehabilitation and the conditioning of the new lighthouse. In 2004, the access bridge to the island was reinforced. In 2006, the reflector light equipment was replaced by a swivel optic flashing light with Fresnel panels and a main lamp changer and a 70w reserve.

In 2016, the lighthouse was modernized with new equipment that works only with renewable power supplies based on solar panels and a wind generator, with a 35w LED lamp and a new 2w electromagnetic rotation motor.