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The lighthouse is located at the entrance to the Ria of Ferrol on its north coast, operational for the first time on July 10th, 1854. The building is rectangular, measuring 11.40 x 9.70 m, with a tower half built into the rock on the side facing
the sea. The octagonal prismatic base of the tower supports the pyramid-shaped shaft of the same section, with an iron balcony overhanging the cornice, with a turret and a 1.8 m wide octagonal light and flat crystals.

In 1904, it was fitted with a white light incorporating alternating blind facets to give 2 + 1 flashes.

Cabo Prioriño Chico 1

In 1918, an initial project was drafted to change the existing installation by one of acetylene with a naked flame flasher, which would emit 3 white flashes every 9 seconds. Installation of an industrial acetylene generator model was included to manufacture gas there from the calcium carbide. At a later date, a new idea was given to the equipment, and the decision was finally taken to make it automatic so that a flasher with a 25 L burner, solar valve and accumulator battery were installed. This reform meant removing the personnel and the service was included in the beaconing of the port of Ferrol.

In 1988, the previous feature was replaced so that it now emits 1 flash every 5 seconds. In 1990, it was savagely attacked by vandals, which meant the total destruction of optics and the acetylene flasher. For several months it was non-operational and repair work was conducted.

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In 1993, it became dependent on the Port Authority of Ferrol-San Cibrao. The lighthouse was electrified in 1995 and equipped with the current lighting equipment, involving rotating optics comprising Fresnel panels with two electromagnetic motors, two generators (to cover failures in the electrical supply) and 125V/1000w halogen lamps. In the same year, it was monitored, with all the operating parameters of the computer-controlled lighthouse from a control centre located in the Port Authority of Ferrol-San Cibrao.

In 2002, the previous lamps were replaced by today’s 220v/1000w lamps. In 2007, improvement and rehabilitation works were carried out on the building, including refurbishing of the living quarters where, since May 2008, a technician resides in the lighthouse.

On January 23rd, 2009, Cyclone Klaus tore off the lighthouse roofing, which was replaced by today’s roof. Since 2009, electricity is supplied by the facilities in the Exterior Port.