Un mundo de colores” – A world of colors – is the exhibition that can be visited from tomorrow until May 6th in the exhibition hall of the dock of Curuxeiras. 

The members of the Friends of Art Association of Narón have put forty paintings on display made by different painters with a variety of styles and techniques.

 Ferrol, 16th April 2019

The Port Authority of Ferrol-San Cibrao inaugurates the exhibition known as “Un mundo de colores” – a world of colors – a sample of collective painting organized by the Friends of Art Association of Narón (Narart). It is a set of 40 works composed by different artists with different styles and techniques that can be visited from tomorrow in the exhibition hall of the port of Ferrol, located on the dock of Curuxeiras.

The wide list of artists included in this exhibition is formed by Esther Piñán, Pily Criado, Juan Zaplana, Alejos Lorenza, Francisco Pérez, Carmen Rodríguez, Patricia Álvarez, Elvira Izquierdo and María Julbe Labrador.

The main characteristic of this exhibition is the diversity, reflected in the amount of colors on display and in the different painters that compose it. The associations that visit the exhibition will have the chance of participating in a collective mural where they will be able to express their art. Thus, the exhibition will be alive and open to all artistic perspectives.

This exhibition will remain open to the public from tomorrow until May 6th. It can be visited in the afternoon, from six to eight, and from Monday to Saturday.