The exhibition can be visited from tomorrow in the hall of the dock of Curuxeiras.
The painter Francisco Pérez Alonso exhibits twenty paintings in homage to female sea workers.

Ferrol, 19th December 2019
The Port Authority of Ferrol-San Cibrao will host, starting tomorrow, the exhibition Tribute to Women working as Shellfish Gatherers, by artist Francisco Pérez Alonso. This exhibition is made up of twenty works, eighteen acrylics and two in pastel style, which aim to honor women who work as shellfish professionals. In addition, Pérez Alonso completes this series of paintings with two thematic kinetic paintings, a moving painting style.
This exhibition was born from a request made by the shellfish of the Fishermen’s Association A Pastoriza, from Vilanova de Arousa (Pontevedra), to Francisco Pérez Alonso to paint them a canvas about their work. He liked the idea of vindicating the work of these women and decided to make a series of twenty paintings and create this exhibition that can now be visited for the first time in Ferrol. “The seafood does not appear only on our tables, there are many shellfish gatherers getting wet and cold in the sea,” reflects the artist.
The sample reflects all the work done by the women who work as shellfish gatherers. The complementary works created under the thematic kinetic painting technique are about the first woman working as a shellfish gatherer of Vilanova de Arousa and the church of A Pastoriza, the first place that hosted the exhibition and the church where Ramón María del Valle Inclán was baptized.
The opening will take place tomorrow at noon in the Exhibition Hall of Puerto de Ferrol. The event will be open to the public and will be attended by the artist and finally a coffee will be offered. The sample can be visited until 29th December.