The company Nexus Energía will be in charge of this service during the next two years for an amount of 986,649 euros.

Ferrol, 27th September 2019

The Board of Directors of the Port Authority of Ferrol-San Cibrao agreed last week to award the electricity supply contract for all its facilities. Four companies were presented to the public tender and finally the winner was Nexus Energía, who will be in charge of this service for the next two years for a total amount of 986,649.87 euros. It is estimated that savings under the same demand conditions as in previous years could exceed 10%.

At the meeting of the highest body of the entity chaired by José Manuel Vilariño, the telematic maintenance contract was also awarded, which includes the operation of servers and the internal network, security cameras and access control and barriers. Plexus Technologies will carry out this service over the next two years for an amount of 218,900 euros.

Likewise, the Board of Directors approved a credit modification to maximize the levels of control in the development of the railway works to the outer port. Specifically, an monetary item is released for a future hydrogeological study and housing auscultation in the surroundings of A Graña. The amount for this technical assistance is 81,000 euros.

Finally, an agreement was reached to rescue the concession of the land of the As Pías gas station operated by the Beta Renovable group.