The four vessels Frontier Kotobuki, JSP Mistral, Champion Tern and Robijn coincide today at dock of Caneliñas with movements of coal, containers, palm oil and wood.


Ferrol, 12th of July 2018


Unprecedented image so far at the outer harbour of Ferrol: four vessels carrying out simultaneous operations with bulk liquids, bulk solids and different general freight. This coincidence, result of the increasing development of the activity at these facilities, happened this morning.


The vessels Frontier Kotobuki vessels (290 metres long and 45 metres wide), Champion Tern (182 by 32 metres), Robijn (90 by 12.5 metres) and JSP Mistral (138 by 21.7 metres) are loading and unloading at the dock of Caneliñas. The first vessels moves 160,245 tonnes of coal; the second one, 7,350 tonnes of palm oil; the third ship, 3,000 tonnes of wood; and the last one, fifty containers.


The companies operating at the outer harbour of Ferrol loaded and unloaded 2,413,675 tonnes in the first semester of the year, a monthly average of more than 400,000 tonnes.