The users of the beach and the jetties have now a clearly delimited pedestrian area and a parking area which is well organized and painted.

Thanks to the works recently completed, people with reduced mobility also have reserved parking spaces at their disposal.

Ferrol, 29th of June 2018

The Port Authority of Ferrol-San Cibrao has invested almost 27,000 euros in the improvement of accessibility and of the pavement in the surroundings of the marina and the beach in A Graña. After a couple of months working in the area, the institution has just finished its project, which has been carried out by the local company Prosema Noroeste in two phases.

The works included an overall adequacy of the road surface, a defined separation between the pedestrian area and the road traffic, arranging and painting the parking area, the reservation of two parking spaces for people with reduced mobility and the installation of tactile paving for blind people at the access to the beach. These works have also meant a total improvement of the conditions of accessibility to the marina as well as the beach.

Furthermore, the Port Authority has taken advantage of this action to relocate and increase the number of cubes of granite located in the area for the protection of pedestrians. Moreover, two benches similar to those in the promenade of A Graña and a fountain adapted for disabled people have been placed in this area.