The exercise scheduled for tomorrow will start at 8:30 a.m. Members of six different emergency bodies will take part. This exercise will help technicians collect relevant information.
Ferrol, November 29th, 2018
The contractor responsible for the works of the railway access to the Outer Port (the temporary union of companies formed by Copasa, Ogmios Project and Geotúnel) has scheduled a fire drill for tomorrow, which includes a simulated rescue of wounded people in the tunnel of Brión. This infrastructure is currently in its phase of execution. The operation will be carried out in coordination with all the emergency agents who are mobilized in response to this type of emergency (112, 061, Ferrol Firefighters, Civil Protection, Local Police and Port Police). It will start at 8.30 am and it is estimated that it will end at around 10.30.
The exercise will help technicians collect relevant data. In fact, the performance of periodic fire drills is part of the framework for preventive planning and the coordination of tasks of safety and health of works. The test of the implemented procedures and safety measures will allow technicians to locate weak points and find opportunities for improvement.
Evolution of the works
The works for the construction of the railway access to the Outer Port of Ferrol started in September 2017 and have a term of execution of 46 months. So far, 1.2 kilometers have been excavated from a total of 5.5 that will make up the tunnel. At present, 75 operators are working directly on this key feature for the development of the full potential of the dock of Caneliñas. The pace of execution is in line with the foreseen schedule.