Outer Harbour

Infraestructuras Ferrol exterior 1

General Information

1,067 metres long protective seawall
858 metres long shore dock with a depth of 20 metres
89.3 hectares of land areas, of which 55 are operative
Seawall-adjacent hammer system for the mooring of auxiliary ships

Particular Information

Container Terminal
Concessionary: Ferrol Container Terminal
Storage area: 300.000m2

Coal Terminal
Concessionary: Endesa Generación S.A.
Storage area: 100.802 m2

Biodiesel Plant
Concessionary: Masol Iberia
Storage area: 41.232 m2

Storage Warehouse
Port Authority
Storage area: 25.260 m2

Electric Substation
Concessionary: Unión Fenosa
Storage area: 1.198 m2

Terminal de Tratamiento de Residuos
Concessionary: Procesoil
Storage area: 3.000m2