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Port City

Interpretive Center Cape Prioriño



The Interpretative Center is included in the projects of the Port Authority that encourage the relation between the port and the citizens and originates from the history of Ferrol in order to bring a vital part to the visitor: the origin and evolution of his defensive batteries and the construction and integration, into that same area, of a work of great magnitude as it is the exterior port.


Centro Interpretativo Cabo Prioriño 1 Centro Interpretativo Cabo Prioriño 2


The Interpretative Center consists of the following one:


  • The Interpretative Building, which has a permanent exhibition on the evolution of the area, the defensive batteries and the expansion of the port of Ferrol.
  • The Batteries of Punta Viñas, created in 1739, stand out for his historical and symbolic value. The Port recovered in an integral way the former existing fort in the area and that it had been dismantled in 1994. The piece went piece relocated up to his current location. Now a building that had a small station, the gunpowder and the stay named red bullet, in which the bullets were dated before being shot, can be contemplated with his native structure.
  • The Batteries of Prioriño Chico, fortification of great historical value that date of the 18th century, and that was recently rehabilitated and relay in value.
  • An ornithological observatory, as point of observation of seabirds and migratory and from where some majestic sights can be enjoyed.
  • The Lighthouse Prioriño, which completes the beauty of this area.




Centro Interpretativo Cabo Prioriño 3


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