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Ferrol Port / Caranza

General Information

Installations not built yet.
Planned activities: Fishery and Sea Sports

In 2002, the Port Authority carried out the Environmental Rehabilitation Works on the shore of the Ría de Ferrol, in the inlet of Caranza, with an investment of 6,141,388.65 €. 85% of the amount came from the European Cohesion Funds.

The recovery and cleaning-up of the sea shore, the fitting up of breakwaters, the provision of ramps and stairs to access the shore, the fitting up of leisure areas, the provision of street furniture and urban facilities, the improvement of road accesses and the reorganization of uses improving the integration coast-city in an urban stretch and, synthetically, the global environmental improvement were the basis of posterior developments, planned in 2003-2004 and concluded in 2004 with the writing of the project “New fishery installations of Caranza” and the processing of specific modifications in the utilization of port spaces in Caranza in order to achieve a mixed development of fishery and sea sports installations. do entorno servían de base para os posteriores desenvolvementos que se planearon nos anos 2003 e 2004 e que remataron no 2004 na redacción do proxecto de “Novas instalacións pesqueiras de Caranza” e na tramitación da modificación puntual do plan de utilización dos espazos portuarios na devandita zona, de xeito que albergue a posibilidade dun desenvolvemento mixto de instalacións pesqueiras e náutico-recreativas (estas últimas mediante un modelo concesional no que participe a inversión privada no seu desenvolvemento).

Planned spaces

  6 M. 8 M. 10 M. 12 M. 15 M. 24 M. Total
Shellfishery 250 0 0 0 0 0 250
Fishery 58 35 13 10 0 0 66
Sports 0 0 50 75 32 19 176
Total 258 35 63 85 32 19 492

Fishery Port

The new fishery installations project estimates a public investment of 1.2 million € to be paid by the Port Authority.

In the neighbourhood of Caranza, there will be a tender for the development of a new marina for boats of at least 8 metres that will be carried out with private financing (development of the Marina and commercial areas as concessions).

The whole project matches several projects that are being carried out by the Town Council of Ferrol, whose aim is to create a large leisure area in Caranza (commercial areas, auditorium, conservatory...).
Ferrol - San Cibrao Port Authority
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